The Story of Jika

Jika Chocolat began in 2016 when founders Baldwin and Sury were exploring Indonesia’s beautiful landscape. On their trip, they found themselves in remote areas of Indonesia, where they discovered the special Indonesian cocoa trees. They were extremely fascinated by the potential of a vast cocoa territory that could thrive across the diverse Indonesian 5000km archipelago. Ranging all the way from the West in Ache to the East in Papua, the couple could see how Indonesia had the perfect conditions for perfect cocoa.

Baldwin and Sury began to educate themselves by personally speaking to local farmers about cocoa, and shortly after began their journey into the cocoa world. Starting in 2017, they began their ‘bean-to-bar’ philosophy and endeavored into Jika Chocolat, with the mission to produce the highest quality of single-origin chocolate, 100% made in Indonesia.  

Sourced directly from local farmers, Baldwin and Sury made their ‘bean-to-bar’ Jika Chocolat from scratch. They share the same vision and are both equally and extremely dedicated to Jika and high-quality chocolate. With Baldwin on the development and commercial side, and Sury with her strong design and operational skills, they create the perfect team. What they both have in common is their drive to take on new challenges and to acquire new skills, which comes down to their commitment to the ‘bean-to-bar’ movement in Indonesia, and around the world.

The story of exploration did not end in 2016, at Jika we are always on new adventures to find the best cocoa in Indonesia.

This is the story of Baldwin and Sury, and the story of Jika Chocolat.