The story of Jika Chocolat began when Baldwin and Sury were doing their road trip travelling around Indonesia. While visiting the remote areas of Indonesia, they saw many cocoa trees. They were fascinated by the potential of the cocoa terroir that should exist within a 5000 km range from east to west of the Indonesian Archipelego. The Couple began to educate themselves by speaking to the farmers about cocoa. Eventually they pursued their bean to bar philosophy and set up Jika Chocolat with the mission to produe top quality single origin chocolate from Indonesia.

Sourcing directly from the farmers, they made the bean to bar Jika Chocolat bar from scratch, starting off with the bean all the way to the Bar.

Baldwin and Sury shared the same vision and were equally dedicated to the Jika project. With Baldwin being stronger on the development and commercial side and Sury being stronger on the design and operational side, they complemented each other skills and each contributed something the other lacked. But what they both have in common is taking on new challenges and acquiring new skills and being committed to drive the bean to bar movement in Indonesia.

This is the story of Baldwin and Sury and the story of Jika.