Jika Chocolat takes you on a journey to experience the finest Indonesian Single Origin Chocolates.

Get ready for the best dark Chocolate you’ve ever had, using beans from all over Indonesia, you’ll taste a wide variety of curated flavors from only the best selected regions.

Single Origin Chocolate means that the beans are sourced from one region in a country. Jika started

with these Four regions in Indonesia– Aceh, Bali, Gorontalo and West Papua. Each individual

region produces distinctive flavour that depicts its origin, purity and characteristics of the area

where the chocolate beans are grown. Our Single Origin bars reveal each distinctive personality of

their producing region and terroir.

Jika Chocolat Single Origin Bali 72% dark chocolate

Single Origin Chocolate Dark Chocolate Bar

Grown in the tropical region of Jembrana, Bali, this cocoa is a balanced blend f fruity and sour notes. A true singleorigin

“grand cru”, it gathers the flavours of tropical fruits, berries, citrus, and coconut. Its deep character makes a

good option for the real chocolate aficionados who appreciate its natural taste. The natural diverse ecosystem of

Bali produces this distinct flavours in its cocoa beans.

Jika Chocolat Single Origin Papua 75% dark chocolate

This dark Chocolate bar is made from beans sourced from Ransiki, in the northern tip of West Papua. This volcanic terrain produces a bean uniquely bold in taste. It is a mix of complexity with an intriguing earthiness, notes of nuts, fresh leaves, and bursts of spices. It is velvety without bitterness. This exquisite dark chocolate is an absolute decadent.

Jika Chocolat Single Origin Aceh 77% dark chocolate

An Intense and subtle dark chocolate. An exceptional variety cocoa beans, a rare and fine cocoa cultivated in small plantations of Aceh lands full bodied, juicy red fruit notes and a lot of spices to this dark bar with a balanced profile.

Otanaha 70% dark chocolate with Aren Sugar

Aren Sugar has been produced traditionally in Gorontalo for local cuisine. It has a distinct rich caramel taste that complement perfectly the flavours of our chocolate bar.